Turning an HP-48 calculator into a Bluetooth LE keyboard #Bluetooth #Feather #Bluefruit #Adafruit @Instructables @Hackaday

Via Hackaday , epostkastl has modified an HP48G  calculator to act as a Bluetooth keyboard for a Android phone or a PC. It works well in conjunction with the EMU48 emulator. The details are posted on Instructables . To perform the mod:

I used for this project:

The Arduino source code to pair the keyboard with external devices.

See Instructables for the full details and the video above for information.


Bluefruit enable your project with the Adafruit nRF52840 Bluefruit Bluetooth microcontroller board . See it on Adafruit.com and tutorials on learn.adafruit.com .

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August 19, 2019